Experience The Wonders Of Pediatric Dentistry Tourself Where We Treat Child As A Whole And Not Just Their Pearly Whites

We are also specialized in orthopaedic appliances myofuctional appliance and a range of habit breaking appliances that aid in correcting dental and skeletal malformations and reduces or completely eliminates the need for extensive treatment in future

We are also sensitive to the needs special children and are highly skilled inn maintaining their oral health and well beign


Presenting the first of its kind exclusive pediatric dental speciality in nirth kerala with a hightly experienced team utilizing state of the art equipment and meterials.We are obessed in delivering the best possible treatment for the highest level of sterilization and comfort.Pediatric dentistry has been long ignored owing to two simple factors:


Ignoring any damage to milk teeth thinking they will fall out eventually .This very mentality paves way for a host of dental problems such as stained/discolored permanent teeth, severe infections affecting part or the jaw or entire crooked teeth requiring extensive treatment at a later age, and the most important factor – treatment at a later age and the most important factor – lifelong psychology scars to the child owing to mocking by peers and family all because a stitich in time wasn’t made.

Lack of access

many parents have been unable to provide their child proper treatment as they could not find or afford a specialist who cater to their child dental needs


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